miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Optimus Prime #7

The battle for peace continues.

Optimus is trying to make his relationship with humans stronger but even his own people might have other plans.

I think this is not working anymore.

There's nothing particularly bad in the script that John Barber is delivering here but there's nothing particularly good either. As usual, different segments of the story are being developed including the progress of the relationship between Cybertronian and humans while the connection between the present and the past is being explored.

The problem is that this is not presented in a compelling manner. While the story progress at a solid enough pace, the different events are not depicted strongly enough to make you invested in them. It tried to handle the topic of oppression and the obvious parallels between both races but again, I don't think is explored in an actual successful way, especially considering how the constant battle between Cybertronians should have told them that the constant conflict is only for the worse.

Also, the constant jumps between both the present and the past can be a bit too erratic for their own good.

Priscilla Tramontano handles the artwork and is really mediocre with average looking humans and robots, rough style and serviceable storytelling at best.

I wish this book would get better, is a real shame.

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