miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Trinity #9

The Trinity will have to deal with another alien threat.

Clark, Bruce and Diana thought that their problem were over once that they escaped from Mongul's plans but now they will have to deal with a powerful entity who is decided to end their whole team.

This is pretty much a Justice League story.

Francis Manapul returns to the book in his full goodness and I'm glad for it. The first thing the writer does is connect this storyline to his last one and the transition between the two is nicely handled while also creating more sub-plots from it. The characterization is solid once again with the team acting the way they should and reacting appropriately to the current events.

Speaking of which, the whole Justice League appears here since the story mostly takes place in the Watchtower and their characterization is pretty good as well, is always a joy to see Manapul writing Barry again. Plus, the ideas included here are quite interesting.

Manapul himself handles the artwork and is obviously beautiful with a lot of creativity in the storytelling and again, is nice that he's drawing Barry.

Enjoyable overall, hope the next one arrives soon.

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