miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Batman #23

Why is Swamp Thing in Gotham City?

Someone has murdered Alec Holland's biological father and is up to Bruce and him to find the culprit but even if they do so this is not the biggest problem they will have to face.

One and done story here and it works fine enough, at least better than the last few stories from this book.

Tom King brings the mystery about the death of Swamp Thing's father while exploring the connection between Batman and him. As you would expect, King's overwhelming style is a good fit for this kind of premise due that the supernatural nature of the Vertigo character allows for a better use of King's unnatural narration and dialogue without feeling too out of place. The interactions between Bruce and Alec are also enjoyable and the characterization is solid while delivering an interesting conclusion for the most part.

"For the most part" being the key word here since while King's style is indeed a better fit here, is also still too overwhelming at times for its own good with characters speaking to themselves and in unrealistic ways. Plus, the ending feels like the usual King "Forcing characterization to push a theme" since Bruce gets mad about Swamp Thing due that he believed the death would come back one way or another but considering this is Batman and he made peace with that A LONG TIME AGO, this is still too forced.

Mitch Gerards handles the artwork and is perfect for the theme of the issue thanks to his semi-realistic, dark and well-structured storytelling.

Solid if you don't think too much about it, let's go with that.

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