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Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #22

Is Wonder Woman ready to date?

Diana is participating in a charity where she will have to go out with the largest bidder but things will get complicated once that Veronica Cale enters.

Well, this was a quite fanservicey issue.

And I don't say that as a bad thing, is just something quite noticeable. Greg Rucka focuses this issue in what he does and like the best, writing about Lesbians which in some cases can be incredibly appreciated but in others is a bit derivative and repetitive. This is more of the former thankfully with a pretty enjoyable date between Diana and Veronica Cale where the businesswoman obviously uses Diana for her plans but that don't stop them from having a fun time, that is until the end. Is a solid chapter with good characterization, dialogue and overall enjoyable premise and execution.

That being said, I can't help but laughing about how Rucka continues to somewhat push his love for Batman/Wonder Woman by making Bruce bid for her (and Diana looking forward to it) when he blatantly disregarded the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing, and this is especially funny because despite that both pairings are not particularly in the fandom, the general consensus is that Batman/Wonder Woman is an even WORSE alternative.

Mirka Andolfo handles the artwork and might be the biggest reason why I liked this issue so much. The style is full of personality with vibrant touches and characters the show a lot of expressions.

Entertaining aside from some nitpicks although I'm not sure if it saves the run for me.

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