miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #7

Is the Justice League ready for new threats?

The Atom is trying to find a cure for Killer Frost's condition but they won't have much time to deal with it once that a new supervillain appears.

An actual above average chapter at last.

Steve Orlando delivers a new installment where this time he mostly focuses on two characters: The Atom and Killer Frost. The characterization is pretty solid due that Orlando concentrates on their different problems as well as in their relationship and how is slowly getting developed, I have a few problems about how quickly they got paired up but it still creates an interesting dynamic. Also, while the rest of the cast also make an appearance, is mostly to give another perspective to the situation.

There are also a few sub-plots going on. The supervillain who appears here is not that interesting to be honest but there's apparently something else that is connected to him, something that will most likely be developed in upcoming issues.

Jamal Campbell handles the artwork and is pretty solid with expressive characters and solid storytelling.

I think that Orlando is better when he handles just a couple of characters at most instead of a full team since this remind me of the one-shots he did about the cast before the proper book. Nice read.

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