jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Supergirl #9

Can Supergirl escape from one of the worst places possible?

Kara is still trying to keep her normal life while helping others but a recent attack will soon put everyone she knows in peril.

Some things worked, others didn't.

Steve Orlando begins once again the storyarc and one can only hope that this one will be better executed and shorter than the last one but so far, is not that promising. The characterization is still solid with Kara acting adequately and even introducing new faces to the book that will most likely be developed in future issues. Orlando is also progressing the plot-point that started in the last Batgirl Annual so there's a nice sense of continuity.

That being said, some of the execution is a bit awkward. For example, Magog appears out of nowhere with very little explanation or set-up and seems a bit clumsy for that reason. Plus, the dialogue can be too blunt at times, particularly when Magog tells his whole backstory for unrealistic reasons.

Brian Ching returns to art duties and I'm officially tired of his work, it looks really bad with overly-angular faces, unpolished style and average storytelling.

Wish things were better here, at least change artists please.

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