miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Old Man Logan #24

Logan has gone back to his past but is not for the better.

After finally being reunited with his family, Logan believes that he has finally found peace but there are some things that can't last.

And the final issue of Jeff Lemire's run on Old Man Logan is here. This has the unfortunate luck of going against Lemire's brilliant Moon Knight conclusion this week as well and while it doesn't meet such standards, is still a decent finale.

Lemire continues to play with the history of Logan reaching the ultimate and logical point of having meet his family once again which of course provides the expected emotional character moments between all of them which are pretty faithful to the original intepretation by Mark Millar.

However, if history in the Marvel univere has taught us anything is that the past can't be changed and things are going to happen anyway and so, Logan is forced to relive his most terrifying moment. All works for the better though since Lemire makes the character move forward which is satisfying despite of being so predictable.

Eric Nguyen handles the artwork and is not the most polished nor detailed in the world but he still can tell the story clear enough.

As a whole, this book had its high and kinda mediocre points but the it was still a worthy read. Not sure if I will continue with it though.

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