miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #23

Wonder Woman will have to deal with the truth.

Ares has revealed the real events to Diana and now she will have to stop his sons once for all.

You know, this wasn't actually bad.

Greg Rucka brings a new chapter where he explains what truly happened between the first encounter (from this run) between Diana and Ares. The truth actually explains why the God of War acted as basically an one-dimensional villain and so, it doesn't make his previous appearance as terrible (although it does feel like Rucka is retconning himself due to the poor reception).

THE PROBLEM is that this Ares in particular is not that interesting either, especially compared to Brian Azzarello's version. Sure, he offers more depth than the last time that Rucka used him but is still not compelling enough to be invested in him. Also, the way how Diana defeats his children makes sense but I still find it kinda underwhelming and I'm not sure if I like this particular direction.

Liam Sharp returns to pencils and his work can be pretty stunning and detailed at times but also suffer from wonky anatomy for the characters.

Aside from that, this issue offered more content than the last and was more effective at the very least.

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