miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Batgirl #11

Batgirl's love life is about to kill her.

Ethan has showed who he really is an is ready to take Burnside under his control unless Batgirl is able to stop him.

Jesus Christ, this is even worse than I could have imagined.

Yes, I've talked during the last chapter about how underwhelming and predictable is the fact that the son of The Penguin turned out to be *gasp* EVIL! However, I wasn't prepared for the poor execution that was going to come after it.

For example, I've always felt that Hope Larson tries to inject social commentary during her run in a pretty clumsy and derivative way which is as complex as a tweet but is even more obvious here once that she starts defending Millenials since The Penguin turns out to be lazy bastard who can't even tie his own tie and that makes sense... for reasons that escape the human mind. Also, Ethan is now apparently portrayed as a complete MALE douchebag who is pretty afraid of his sexual abilities because of course he is.

Not to mention that now The Penguin cares for his son once that he got scarred and ugly just like his father. I guess the purpose was to create that connection between the two but it basically seems like it came out of nowhere.

Chris Wildgoose handles the artwork and he's still the best part of the book thanks to his beautiful and cartoony style which makes me wish he was working on a better book.

Nothing to see here people, this book is just garbage.

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