jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Hawkeye #6

Is up to Hawkeye and Jessica Jones to reveal the dragon's identity.

After investigating for a while, both Kate and Jessica have finally figured out the reason behind the creature's existence but stopping it is another story.

Some things worked, others didn't.

For one, I still like the kind of direction Kelly Thompson is taking with the character. Once again, I do love the portrayal she gaves to Kate by making her both fun and relatable, and strangely enough more similar to the original portrayal of Jessica Jones during Alias than the actual Jessica Jones who appears here. Mind you, Jessica's characterization is not bad, is just that I'm tired of this direction for her after the Netflix show.

The story works fine enough by playing with themes of how society sees beauty and often forces people to try to apparent things they are not and sometimes for the worst.

Aaaaand then suddenly comes: "You're a girl and sometimes that's the hardest thing". Like, out of frikking nowhere and that's certainly more relevant to say to a girl who can turn into a dragon because that of course is relatable to her very unique condition. Is totally not a forced social commentary that accomplishes nothing, no siree.

I could also talk about how that unnatural speech works for the girl who can turn into a dragon but let's let it pass this time.

Michael Walsh handles the artwork and its style is appropriate for the book but some characters are simply ugly, particularly Jessica.

I still would say it was an enjoyable issue, just had a few problems here and there.

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