miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about The Unstoppable Wasp #5

Wasp will have to save one of her best friends.

Ying has a device in her head that is threatening her life and is up to Nadia and her friends to figure out a way to help Ying but things could get more complicated once that their organization gets involved.

Surprised by how much this issue delivered.

Jeremy Whitley offers a new installment where he primarely focuses on Nadia and the relationships she has created over the course of the story. Yes, it has only been 5 issues so far but is amazing how all that happened is coming together here since all the characters that Nadia has become friends with appear here and they all help her to save Ying. Is a pretty nice example of plannification that happens in a simple and natural way which makes it even more satisfying.

Plus, there's a lot of content here. A lot of the chapter is devoted to the interactions between the members of the cast which is pretty fun but the issue also manages to progress the plot perfectly by delivering a confrontation that has been building-up for a while. Is a pretty dense read that gets you engaged instantly.

Not to mention that as a Daredevil fan, it was good to see Matt Murdock nicely portrayed in the story.

Elsa Charretier remains in art duties and her work is still beautiful thanks to her cartoony style that depicts every scene with a lot of detail.

Great stuff, hope the next issue arrives soon.

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