miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Old Man Logan #23

Wolverine continues to be lost in time.

Logan continue to relive previous events and this time he's going to get the best of it.

Yeah, that summary is pretty short because is similar to what happens in this issue.

Jeff Lemire delivers a new chapter where he continues to explore Wolverine's past and how he can affect it once again. The characterization is still pretty solid due that Logan acts appropriately based on the different eras he visits and is quite on tone with the different tones.

HOWEVER, this issue is extremely light on content, even more than the last few. The events happen way too fast before you get a chance to enjoy them and the chapter ends so quickly that you're incredibly surprised when it happens. Is so decompressed that makes me believe Lemire is just extending this story because he needs to fill some issues.

Dustin Nguyen remains in art duties and his work is still not that good with blurry character models and environments.

Not the best, hope the next one offers a good conclusion at least.

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