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Some thoughts about Wonder Woman Annual #1

Behold some of the most wonderful stories about the Amazing Amazon.

From her early years to the present, Wonder Woman has done nothing but spreading the truth to everyone who has met her.

Yeaaaaah, "most wonderful stories" is overselling this issue too much since there's nothing particularly great about it.

Let's start with the worst part which ironically belong to the writer of the ongoing Greg Rucka. What is so bad about it would you ask? Well, the premise is about the first encounter between Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman which could have allowed for a great opportunity to explore the nature of the friendship between them but instead, Rucka used this story to go for his usual pairing preferences, mainly his Bruce/Diana ship.

Mind you, is not as blunt as one would have expected since Rucka doesn't go full with it, THE PROBLEM is that this creates a kinda problematic segment where Clark starts commenting how pretty Diana is and Bruce acting like a teenager saying "I haven't noticed" (Seriously, he only lacked the "looking sideways and blushing" thing there). Let alone the fact that turning her into a potential love interest just during their first frikking meeting creates a few concerns, this is also completely out of character for Clark and Bruce. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that this actually were Jon Kent and Damian Wayne since that's how immature they acted here.

Oh well, at least Nicola Scott's artwork was good thanks to her great range of expressions and solid storytelling.

The second story is written by Vita Ayala and is probably is the most solid story of the bunch. She utilizes the premise of King Shark being arrested and used by a government in an effective manner while implementing classic WW themes on it. Claire Roe also demonstrates a solid work during this story thanks to her flexible and precise style.

Michael Moreci handles the third story featuring Diana fighting against an enemy that can't be stopped and once again, plays with classic WW themes but does it in a more blunt way. Stephanie Hans' artwork was really good though, probably one of the best here, the detailed artstyle was gorgeous.

The fourth and final tale is a pretty simplistic story about Diana fighting a dinosaur by Jackson Lanning and Collin Kelly. Mind you, the premise itself sounds fun but is not exploited in a memorable way. David Lafuente's cartoony art is nothing to write about either.

And that's all, I honestly can't recommend this Annual, the content was not good enough aside from Ayala's story and doesn't justify the price.

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