miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #18

What happens to the world around Ms. Marvel?

Bruno has left Kamala after his accident but he can't help but think about her still. However, his new home might prove to be a fine distraction.

Huh, this was a pretty interesting issue as a whole.

After the last storyarc, G. Willow Wilson delivers a solid one-and-done story focusing on Bruno strangely enough and his new life in Wakanda. The setting provides a lot of interesting opportunities for worldbuilding and the writer manages to exploit it adequately while introducing new and compelling characters to play along.

Plus, the character of Bruno receive some well-deserved time in the spotlight after the time he was absent and Willow explores his side of the story by showing how his injury and fight with Kamala affect him.

Francesco Gaston handles the artwork and quite fitting for the style of the book due that is pretty similar to Adrian Alphona's pencils due to his expressive and distinctive tone.

Good stuff, hope the next one is just as enjoyable.

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