miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Titans #11

The Titans will have to deal with of her most powerful enemies once again.

The team is trying to figure out who just recently attacked them and the answer might be as surprising just as that person's plans.

New storyarc starts and so far, so good.

Dan Abnett offers the first chapter of The Lazarus Contract storyline which is based on the famous New Teen Titans story The Judas Contract so there are a few expectations here and fortunately, most of them are followed in a logical way. The premise is centered on Slade's relationship with his son just like the original but the twist here offers a lot of interesting possibilities for the future, literally.

Plus, there are a lot of different sub-plots concerning the multiple members of the cast here which will most likely be explored in the future. The ending was also quite interesting.

Brett Booth is in charge of the pencils and his work is really solid, particularly during action scenes thanks to his energetic style.

Enjoyable overall, excited for the next chapter.

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