miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #6

The Justice League depends on a single member.

Lobo has been basically defeated and there's no hope left unless The Ray is able to do something he's not willing to do.

Eh, this wasn't bad but once again, it wasn't great.

Steve Orlando concludes this little storyline by still focusing on the underwhelming villains from the last chapter but at least there were more exciting aspects here. For one, I did like the characterization of Lobo, the way he acts and behaves which is pretty on-point and Orlando even references Lobo's affection for Dolphins which is something I haven't seen since 52.

On the other hand, the story concludes kinda abruptly with no time to expand the villain's importance and threat and they go out quite easily as well. It wasn't particularly satisfying in that regard and is almost like this only serves as a set-up for future stories.

Andy McDonald handles the artwork and just like the rest of the chapter, is not bad but not great. The style is not that polished and some characters can look off.

Not sure what's happening with this book or if I will continue checking it out.

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