miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #957

Gotham needs better heroes.

The Wrath has returned and he's asking for Batman's attention but the only thing he will get is someone else to spoil his plans.

There are so many things I actually HATE about this issue that I don't know where to begin. Oh wait, I do know!

Let's start with Wrath. You know, the original anti-Batman who basically had all the skills of the Dark Knight except he fought for crime instead of against it. Here he's portrayed as a pathetic prick who is constantly BEGGING to Batman to fight him which makes him more of a D-List villain simply trying to get the hero's attention instead of the strong menace of the original. Pfft! Screw that, it just makes him look like a child crying for his dad's attention.

Oh, but that's not one of the worst parts here, the worst part is Spoiler's characterization. Once again, James Tynion IV continues his atrocious portrayalof Steph by making her EXTREMELY serious and trying to fight villains her own way and trying to show Bruce the right way to do it... which doesn't make sense at all considering that they're basically doing the same job. Oh, and the fact that Tynion downgrades Wrath for the sole reason of elevating Steph is terrible in and of itself because defeating a cry-baby doesn't make her look better than before at all, not to mention that making a character look bad just to make another look good is always a winning idea.

Carmen Carnero handles the artwork and it looks really good at least with solid action scenes and expressive characters (when she's able to draw them).

Terrible. I'm tempted to put this book in my Top Ten Worst list of this year now.

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