miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Super Sons #4

The Super Sons' final battle against Kid Amazo is finally here.

Kid Amazo has been using his powers and the technology he robbed to hurt others, even his own family. Now, both Robin and Superboy will have to defeat him to prevent him from causing more damage.

Satisfying conclusion for a fantastic arc.

Peter Tomasi delivers a new chapter where he continues to demonstrate how well he handles these characters. The characterization is once again one of the highlights of the book thanks to the enjoyable portrayals both Damian and Jon receive and their interactions are even better thanks to fun banter that brings their clash of personalities.

The plot also comes to a good ending due that the writer uses a few of the plot-points he created since the beginning, particularly Luthor's involvement in all of this. Plus, despite of some dark twists that this story had, the conclusion still demonstrates the lighthearted and fun nature of the series which is pefectly handled towards the end.

Jorge Jimenez remains in art duties and his work is still perfect for the title thanks to his energetic style, vibrant and expressive characters and creative storytelling.

Great stuff, this is bound to become one of the best books of the year.

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