miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Nightwing #16

Nightwing and Robin together once again.

Damian can't accept the fact that Dick is the most popular Robin that ever existed and is ready to show him he's the best. However, there are bigger concerns at hand.

This story starts the right way.

Tim Seeley offers a new storyarc where he puts one of the most entertaining partnerships back in action. Since Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin run, Dick and Damian's team has become really popular and Seeley demonstrates why is so enjoyable, their dynamic is quite engaging even in the cases when they seem like they going to beat each other because they also show they care for each other a lot.

But of course there's a bigger plot going on, one that involves a pretty interesting sub-plot concerning Dick and Shawn which ultimately goes deeper considering that a new villain has kidnapped her.

Javier Fernandez returns to art duties and his storytelling is really good despite that the style might seem a bit rough at times.

Pretty solid beginning. Hope the next one arrives soon.

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