miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Superman #22

The Superman family is in peril.

Lois is trying to investigate what's happening around the town but this could be more dangerous than she thought, for her and everyone else.

Well, I like how Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason addressed some issues here.

The writers deliver a new chapter where they finally focus on Lois and they do it in a pretty logical way by making her try to solve the mystery about the recent events. I do love the fast pacing the story has with great action scenes and a really dark tone that makes the story really engaging.

I have a problem though, is pretty damn short, is quite enjoyable while it lasts but the issue concludes quite quickly just when you were loving it the most.

Doug Mahnke's artwork really fits the plot perfectly thanks to his cinematic style that gets the best from the exciting scenes.

Solid but needed more content without a doubt.

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