miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Nightwing #20

Can Nightwing escape from his fate?

Dr. Hurt has come back to destroy everything that Dick loves but even evil incarnate might not be the worst thing he's going to face.

Another issue, yet another satisfying entry.

Tim Seeley brings a new chapter to conclude this particular storyarc and he does it in a way that is quite classic for this book. As you would expect, Seeley uses this installment to celebrate what makes Dick Grayson so special in comparison to Batman and what are the biggest aspects that differentiate both of them. This obviously sets the parallels between Dick and Damian as well which also culminate in a pretty heartwarming moment between both.

Not only that but the author also creates some sub-plots that most certainly will play an important role in the future although unfortunately makes the presence of Dr. Hurt a bit lesser.

Javier Fernandez remains in art duties and his work gets better and better with more polished character models and strong storytelling.

Excellent issue, the next one better arrive soon.

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