miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Iron Fist #3

Can Iron Fist face his new challenges?

The tournament has just started and Danny will be forced to fight unexpected adversaries and betrayal.

So far, so interesting.

Ed Brisson delivers a new chapter where he continues to explore this new setting and making it reflect the character of Danny. The portrayals are solid due that they're faithful to the classic Iron Fist material by remembering the protagonist's origins and how they're connected to the current tournament which brings a good sense of continuity.

The best part is the characters that are introduced though, there are some unique individuals here including a fighter with no arms which evokes classic martial art mythos and so is a perfect fit for the series. Plus, there are some interesting twists towards the end as well.

Mike Perkins remains in art duties and his work is still pretty distinctive thanks to his dark style that still manages to create a lot of details for the characters, fights and environments.

Enjoying this so far, hope it continues this way.

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