miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Bane: Conquest #1

Bane is ready to reclaim his kingdom.

Gotham has proven to be more difficult to obtain and so Bane has decided to expand his vision to other territories.

First of all, this series marks the return of Chuck Dixon to the character of Bane. Let's just say that since his creation in the early 90's, Bane has received an erratic characterization over the years and I'm not exactly a fan of his most recent treatment in Tom King's Batman (not because there was anything particularly bad with it but King's usual flaws made the execution underwhelming) so there should be an improvement with Bane's creator writing him right?

... Well, let's go with the positives first.

Dixon do gets the character obviously, at least how the original version was portrayed. Bane quickly demonstrates the kind of strong presence he should have while being followed by his classic henchmen Bird and Throgg. The plot is interesting enough as well and there's a solid escalation towards it while having decent content and consistent pacing.

That being said, I can't help but feel that the whole writing seems a little dated particularly the dialogue with characters saying more than they should and even a few instances where Bane talks to himself which is something that should stop appearing in comics. Not to mention that calling a black person "Chango" is probably not the most appropriate thing if you know spanish.

Graham Nolan's artwork is quite solid in a semi-cartoony style which is pretty reminiscent to 90's Batman works and thus is pretty fitting for the book.

Not bad, not great, not sure if I will continue with it.

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