miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Batman #26

The War of Jokes and Riddles has begun.

The Riddler has been shot by the Joker and now is decided to start his revenge of him by gathering as many of his comrades which could culminate in one of the biggest challenges for Batman.

This actually pretty solid so far.

Tom King continues his storyline about the battle between some of the most famous Batman villains and does it in a pretty satisfying way. The character work is pretty solid since the writer explores the nature of both criminals in a pretty deep and unique way that I believe gives them more complexity, at least more than in previous appearances (I would say that I prefer this Joker than when how he appeared during Scott Snyder's run).

The story progresses at an interesting pacing and I say "interesting" because it can be both good and bad, the storytelling is pretty distinctive but at times there are too many jumps from scene to scene to justify the style and the style can be a bit overwhelming at times as usual, particularly the dialogue in some scenes.

Mikel Janin elevates the script IMMENSILY, I don't think this story would be half as good without him, the way how he creates every panel as a compelling piece of art makes this purchase worthy.

Quite enjoyable aside from a few flaws. Still getting my expectations in check for the ending though.

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