miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #10

Aqualad is about to meet his father in the worst circunstances.

Black Manta has appeared to take Jackson and finally fulfill his plans, that is unless the Teen Titans manage to work as a team.

Well, this was yet another solid entry overall.

Ben Percy delivers a new chapter that dialogue-wise, opens a bit a blunt by characters talking in overly-obvious and heavy-handed way but the rest of the issue compensates for it. There's a decent amount of content concerning Jackson's conflict with his father along with the classic team dynamics that are present here and all of it seems on-point.

There's a running plot-thread about who should be the leader of the team and based on how things are going, I completely support the current idea of the new leader. Not to mention that Percy seems to be basing his direction of Black Manta on some of the early ideas of Geoff Johns from Brightest Day, particularly related to the people from Xebel. The characterization for Aquaman's archenemy and his relationship with his son is also accurate.

Phil Hester does the breakdowns while Khoi Pham finishes the artwork and the result is much better than previous entry, it might be because of different inkers or colourist but the style seems much more unique now.

Good stuff, excited for the next one.

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