miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about The Flash #26

How can The Flash protect his loved ones?

Barry has been hiding his identity to everyone and Thawne is ready to use this fact against him unless Barry is able to escape from it.

Another chapter, another solid entry.

Joshua Williamson offers a new installment where he focuses entirely in the relationship between Barry, Irir and strangely enough, Thawne. The characterization is pretty solid since the writer uses a lof of classic Flash ideas and moments to portray a pretty compelling scenario of conflict between the characters. Not to mention that I enjoy Thawne here much more than in the last issue, much more manipulative and intelligent.

There are a lof fanservice moments for old fans including some easter eggs from classic characters and even the appearance of Barry's descendants in quite different ways. As usual, Williamson does his homework about the history.

Howard Porter handles the art and it can be pretty powerful and vibrant at times but in some segments it loos a bit awkward in terms of expressions and proportions.

Still, really enjoyable read once again. Excited for the next one.

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