miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Hawkeye #8

Hawkeye will have to face her biggest enemy.

Kate's father has reappeared and is ready to convince his daughter to follow him one way or another but that's far from her only problem.

Yet another satisfying issue right here.

Kelly Thompson delivers a new chapter where she continues to explore the complex relationship between Kate and her father. The character work remains solid due to the writer's understanding of Kate's voice, character and history which brings several interesting scenes where the highlight is the dialogue, the interactions between the characters are always a joy to watch no matter the situation.

The plot progresses at a solid pace with several scenarios being developed and they manage to inject a few good jokes here and there. The story doesn't take itself too seriously at times but that adds to the charm.

Leonardo Romero returns to art duties and his work is still pretty good thanks to his expressive, semi-cartoony style that depicts beautiful characters and great storytelling.

Still quite digging this book, hope the next chapter arrives soon.

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