miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #960

Azrael will have to realize his true nature.

Jean Paul has been fighting against his abilities all this time but once that his organization decides to attack his friends, he will have no other choice but fight against them.

Some aspects here worked, others didn't.

James Tynion IV delivers a new chapter of his story and let's start by saying that this is pretty much what doesn't work here. Why would you ask? Well, because this was initially sold as the respective story for Azrael pretty much like how it happened to other members of the cast. THE PROBLEM is that Tynion mostly uses this issue as a tie-in to the event Metal he's writing along with Scott Snyder where he makes Zatanna deliver a lot of info about what's about to happen which makes the main story feel disjointed.

Worst of all, none of the things that happen here are that interesting since this is mostly setting-up pieces that are about to happen here and in other books without a lot of content in itself.

Then what is what worked here would you ask? Well, Alvaro Martinez' artwork is gorgeous, he makes every character beautiful and creates a lot of interesting panels and clear storytelling.

Other than that, not really worth checking out. Feels like a waste.

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