miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #6

The world remains in danger.

People are being hunted for their own abilities and they need to be reunited to prevent this from happening but that won't stop one of the most powerful men on Earth.

Well, this is pretty much more of the usual.

Warren Ellis continues his story about the hidden menace that is slowly being revealed and how it connects several of the main characters. There are a few good aspects here, for example the early pages contain some entertaining and cinematic action scenes which are classic from Ellis's work, there are a few more revelations and Henry Bendix continues to be enjoyable despite of his brief appearance here.

THE PROBLEM is that this is still slooooow! The plot doesn't progress much once again and while some segments here were engaging and showed some movement, is still not enough to be invested in this particular chapter. Is decompression at its best/worst.

Jon Davis-Hunt makes everything look great at the very least thanks to his expressive characters and strong style which is perfect for the fight scenes that Ellis creates.

I'm sure this is the kind of book that will read better once that it finishes (or at least I'm hoping so) but still, is necessary to criticize it for not being able to be satisfying chapter for chapter.

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