miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Dark Days: The Casting #1

The Dark Days are just beginning.

Batman has been keeping secrets from the rest of the Justice League, secrets that involve his worst enemy and the fate of the universe.

There are tons of things to get from this, things that are connected to several past and future stories.

Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV finish their prologue to the upcoming event Metal by bringing a pretty interesting story about the Joker and his connection to Batman and the rest of the DCU. Snyder is obviously implementing plot-points he left unsolved during his Batman run that are related to the last story he told about Batman and the Joker. What seemed strange at the beginning starts making more sense once that the bigger picture gets revealed and will hopefully continue to be explored in the future.

The characterization is solid. Snyder's Bruce is not exactly my ideal version of the character but is still faithful with the most paronoid incarnations while Hal gets some solid moments to show that this is not just a Batman story. The Joker is... appropriate, let's just call it that way, again, not my ideal version but still consistent with other appearances.

The art is handled by John Romita Jr., Jim Lee and Andy Kubert and sadly, none of them gives this story the kind of refinement it requires due that their style is not that good at emphasizing the little details from the script.

That being said, this was still enjoyable. Need a couple more reads to figure out everything but that shows that is a pretty content packed issue.

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