miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Transformers: Lost Light #8

A little travel can turn into a dangerous experience.

The girls from the Lost Light have decided to pay a visit to another planet and all of them have their own plans about it, Nautica in particular.

Interesting set-up issue overall.

James Roberts bring a new chapter that serves as a way to prepare for bigger upcoming stories. There are a lot of different plot-points being developed, some including the new characters who were introduced during this book and others from even the More than Meets the Eye series which is something that I've always appreciated about Roberts's writing, his long-term planning.

The character work is pretty strong as well. We learn new aspects about both Anode and Lug, about the persons they used to be which creates more depth for them meanwhile characters like Nautica show some intriguing new directions.

Priscilla Tramontano handles the artwork and she works surprisingly well here due to her ability to create good expressions and models for the characters while fitting the style of the series successfully.

Quite enjoyable, excited for the next one.

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