miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Batwoman #5

What happened to Batwoman in Coryana?

Kate can't help but remember her early days in the island and how she connected to the people on it and even manage to find some sort of peace.


Can't believe this, who the hell thought that it was a good idea to spend so much time in such an uninteresting place?! No matter if it was James Tynion IV's or Marguerite Bennett's idea, someone should have realized that this setting wasn't compelling enough to waste so many issues on it, especially considering that this is the opening storyarc for the title that NEEDED to attract readers and make them stay, this has done the opposite, everyone is just bored to tears about it.

This issue tries to expand into the history of Kate and Coryana (which for some reason couldn't have happened in early issues) but it still doesn't sell you into this world nor its characters. Is so dull that I don't even want to see this people anymore and the saddest part is that this story is teasing that they're going to have a relevant role in the future which doesn't motivate me to keep reading.

Stephanie Hans is in charge of the pencils and her work is not bad, it has a distinctive style but at the same time is not that clear in terms of storytelling.

Jesus, Kate truly deserved better. Worst way to start a book without a doubt.

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