miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League #24

The Justice League will have to face one of their greatest adversaries.

Mera has been trying to contact Arthur one way or another but she's putting everyone at risk and so the team will have to convince her to stop.

I have dropped this title after the dull work Bryan Hitch has done but the arrival of Dan Abnett with Mera forced me to get this and I'm glad I did.

Once again, Abnett pays a lot of respect to Mera by showing how incredibly powerful she can be. She manages to face the entire Justice League by herself and makes them look like fools... okay, at some points he might be paying a bit too much respect since I still think all of this happened a bit too easily but still, he knew how to use Mera's skills against the rest of the characters in an effective way.

There's not a lot of plot, the issue is centered around the idea that Arthur is no longer the King of Atlantis (which pretty much makes this an Aquaman tie-in, funny how that works) but it still executes the simple idea in an entertaining way.

Ian Churchill handles the art and at times it looks pretty solid with expressive characters and decent storytelling, strangely enough, I think the weakest parts were the action scenes while the most calmed moments were better depicted.

Enjoyable enough, I wouldn't say is the best thing I've read this week but still good.

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