jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Superwoman #12

Superwoman will have to fight for her family's fate.

After the loss of John's nephew, Lana will have to find a way to stop Crash from hurting anybody else and also stop her loved ones from taking revenge.

Few things worked but as a whole is not satisfying.

Kate Perkins continues her run by delivering a new chapter where she focuses on character dynamics and big actions. Mind you, the character dynamics are well-handled, particularly the events concerning the relationship between Lana and the rest of the cast. Plus, I continue to enjoy the interactions between Maggie Sawyer and Atomic Skull who remain as a pleasent surprise. The story offers more content as a whole as well.

That being said, the action segments are not particularly impressive due that it deals with a typical theme about "Vengeance Vs. Justice" and sadly doesn't execute it in a really deep way. In fact most scenes concerning superheroics tend to look pretty bland.

Stephen Segovia remains in art duties and his work is spectacular with a quite vibrant style that creates lots of beautiful characters and intense scenes.

This could be better, so far I can't call it anything more than simply decent.

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