miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Titans #13

The Titans have been betrayed but by who?

Lilith is keeping a secret from the team and Wally will have to discover a new ability to help him continue fighting.

Again, despite of how bad The Lazarus Contract story was, I do enjoy the stories that are coming up from it.

Dan Abnett delivers a new chapter where he focuses mostly on a big fight between the team and a new villain. While the plot itself is pretty simple, the developments that happened in it makes it much more interesting. The character work is solid since several different perspectives are being explored during the battle while many sub-plots are being progressed and we even see some returns from the Titans Hunt series.

That most important development here though, is Wally's. As most might recall, he now has a heart condition after the events of The Lazarus Contract but it seems like such condition is affecting his use of the Speed Force and not necessarily in a negative way which presents some interesting possibilities for the future.

V. Ken Marion handles the artwork and is decent with expressive characters and clear enough storytelling.

Enjoyable overall, hope things continue to progress adequately.

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