miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #11

Can the Justice League fight against people's wishes?

The Kingbutcher has been granting people's desires and one of them is Ray's mom. However, they will realize that all of it comes at a cost.

Hey, this one wasn't so bad actually.

Steve Orlando delivers a new chapter where he continues this little story about the Kingbutcher and you can already see how the plans are coming along. The villain himself is not really important nor impressive but he serves as a teaser for something else that is arriving, Orlando certainly has a bigger story to tell. THE PROBLEM is that all these little, unimpressive antagonists to build-up such story should stand on their own, that's why most of these short arcs are so unremarkable.

That being said, this entry manages to deliver decent character work for Ray and some members of the cast while progressing the overarching plot that will hopefully be more interesting than what we have seen so far.

Neil Edwards' artwork is one of the reasons why this issue was much better than the last few. He has a really good looking widescreen style that makes the fight scene look bigger in scope.

Enjoyable enough, hope things get better from now on.

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