miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Trinity #11

The Trinity will have to prove their value.

The entire Justice League has been possessed by aliens and now is up to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to help them the best way they can.

I guess this is the proper ending of Francis Manapul's work on the tile and in that regard, is satisfying enough.

The writer delivers the conclusion of this story that had its dull moments but they're compensated by the solid character work and understanding of the protagonists. Manapul really knows what each of these characters represent and gives them the respect they deserve by showing how inspiring they can be and how much they depend on each other.

Mind you, I don't think is an ideal conclusion due that I believe some plot-points from the initial storyarc are still not addressed but in terms of pure portrayals, it gets the job done. I guess other writers will have to deal with the rest.

Manapul's artwork is stunning with a beautiful and clean style that gets the best from every scene and makes them look huge in scope.

Decent finale, shame that Williams is apparently taking over though.

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