miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Super Sons #6

Is Superboy ready to join the Teen Titans?

Damian believes that he needs to train Jon before he's able to enter into the team but once that a new team of supervillains appear, Damian will need his help more than ever.

"Damian's dad lets him stay out all night!"

"Damian's dad dresses like a bat and gets hit in the head 28 times every night so maybe not the best argument"

You just know that you're getting a good read once that an issue opens like this.

Peter Tomasi delivers a new storyline where he continues to focus on the relationship between Damian and Jon. Once again, the highlight is their interactions, about how their dynamic shine in every page due to the wonderful and entertaining clash of personalities, particularly based on how each one of them handle their jobs.

The appearence of the Teen Titans and new antagonists are not that relevant to the story but they complement the relationship between the two protagonists perfectly and gives you a good laugh towards the end.

Jorge Jimenez returns to art duties and his work is stunning as usual thanks to his powerful and energetic style that creates really expressive characters and strong action scenes.

Yet another winner here people, can't believe this book is so good.

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