miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #22

Wolverine's journey will take her to space now.

Laura has to find out what brought the virus to Earth and she has brought her sister along with her, although this might prove to be too dangerous.

This series remains as entertaining as usual.

Yes, sometimes this book doesn't deliver in terms of overall excitement but I believe that the last storyarc was really successful in that regard and marked a solid direction for it. The opening pages are already quite entertaining, particularly the interactions between Gabby and Deadpool where Tom Taylor makes fun of the nature of both pretty well.

Plus, this adventure takes them to FRIKKING SPACE which is always a cool concept and is even better since they meet with the Guardian and the Galaxy (although I'm not particularly a fan of how dependant they are on their movie appearances). This brings several scenes of humour and intrigue.

Leonard Kirk remains in art duties and his work has improved compared to previous issue by offering a more polished style in terms of characters and scenarios.

Quite good read, the next one better come soon.

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