miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Aquaman #26

Aquaman is lost and his only hope is Mera.

Orin is trying to help the people outside of Atlantis fight against the new King meanwhile Mera is trying to fight the civilization in her own way.

This continues to be a quite engaging read.

Dan Abnett delivers a new installment where he focuses on the ramifications of the last storyline and how it affected people connected to Atlantis. Abnett is clearly basing his ideas on previous stories, particularly the ones told by both Peter David and Geoff Johns. There's a sense of mystery around Arthur's "death" and how it might be connected to the appearance of Orin which is clearly inspired by David's run while the appearance of people who evolved due to the sea is also inspired by Johns's work.

There's obviously a political angle going here, about the new King is a xenophobic and racist man who is discriminating against others who are different from the people inside of Atlantis but again, here it works since Atlantis had that theme for years now. I like when that sort of ideas are implemented correctly.

And it was cool to see Mera kicking ass.

Stjepan Sejic remains in art duties and it remains beautiful thanks to his stunning character models and creative storytelling that makes the issue much, much better.

Great stuff, still excited for this.

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