miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #26

Wonder Woman will have to realize that she can't save everyone.

Diana has been fighting against wars for a long time and her friends believe she needs to relax a bit but she might not even have the chance.

Well, a new creative team enters the title after Greg Rucka's, let's say, not so successful run so there are not a lot of expectations in contrast compared to previous transitions and to be honest, this new creative team doesn't exceed them.

Shea Fontana is in charge of delivering a new story for Wonder Woman and he does a... decent job at best. The story is based on the premise that Diana has been trained to be strong all her life and she can't save everyone. This kind of concept has been explored already in the past so is not very original, it all depends on the execution in that regard and sadly, is not much better than the premise.

For one, the idea that Diana having a doll of all things makes her look weak in the eyes of her people is just too forced for its own good, particularly if you compare it to how their relationship worked in the last movie (which is a pretty good interpretation of her origins), it just seems like a vain attempt of injecting drama and is not much different from what you would have seen during Meredith Finch's run (which is NOT a good thing).

The dialogue is not bad, the story itself is not bad but rather unremarkable and doesn't offer many surprises. At least they didn't keep the forced angst that Rucka give to Etta but on the other hand, she also gets over it a bit too quickly.

Mirka Andolfo handles the artwork and I really like her style, pretty vibrant with really expressive and beautiful characters.

Other than that, not a lot to see. Shame really.

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