miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #23

Harley's struggles with her parents continues.

Harley Sinn has come back to ask Harley for a favor but there's no time for that since she will have to bring a date to dinner.

Hey, this one worked quite nicely once again.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner offer a new installment where they continue to develop their multiple plot-points. The ongoing battle against the Mayor is still progressing with different interesting aspects and characters being explored. The best part for me though, was the segment focusing on Harley's dinner with her parents since it deals with enjoyable social commentary about people's differences involving a lot of likable characters (and finally gives Goat Boy a bit of depth).

John Timms handles the artwork and is pretty solid with expressive character models and good sense of humour for the comedic scenes.

Paul Dini continues his own story about the romance between Harley and the Joker and it continues to be fun by using a few characters that Dini is connected to. Bret Blevins' artwork is still a solid fit for the tone.

Much more content than before which makes me happy, fine read.

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