miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about New Superman #13

The New Superman will have to save his country.

Superman Zero has been corrupted and has decided to become China's new emperor. That is unless Kenan and the Justice League manage to work together.

I continue to be pleasently surprised about this book.

Gene Luen Yang continues his story by revealing new twists and interesting aspects of this world. As seen during the last cliffhanger, the relationship between Kenan and Dr. Omen has completely changed which is being slowly developed during the course of the issue which helps to build-up the intrigue. The plot progresses at a pretty satisfying pacing offering really interesting moments.

Plus, there are also the classic mythology building that expand Kenan's abilities as well as the world around him. Not to mention that classic ideas from the rest of the DCU are integrated into the plot and Yang recreate iconic events in pretty enjoyable ways.

Billy Tan is in charge of the artwork and while he's not ideal, he still does a decent job with appropriate storytelling and a nice handle of scale.

Solid stuff, the next one better arrive soon.

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