miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about The Flash #27

The Flash will have to face the future.

Thawne has been torturing Barry during his whole life and the reasons behind have always been a mystery. However, even if Barry uncovers them his relationship with Iris is still far from being fixed.

Conclusion for the arc and a pretty satisfying one as a whole.

Joshua Williamson brings the final chapter of the storyline by still basing his work on Geoff Johns's ideas but creating his own twists for it. I would say that the characterization for Thawne and his relationship with Barry here is much different from how Johns used to portray it, is still accurate to how most Thawne incarnations have been depicted but I'm not sure if I like this one better in terms of personality, not that it lasts long though.

On the other hand, this is a pretty well-escalated fight that brings both characters into a race where classic aspects of their history are brought back and works quite nicely. The final pages also work really well concerning future stories and ramifications.

Paul Pelletier and Howard Porter share the pencils and their work is really good during their respective scenes although I would say that Porter is better in terms of overall energy.

Great stuff, this book is definitely one of the most fulfilling this year.

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