miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #27

Green Arrow will need even more help to fight the Ninth Circle.

Oliver's journey has taken him to face politicians but his brutal methods might cause the intervention of the Amazing Amazon.

Okay, guess what didn't work here this time?

It might not be what you think. For one, Ben Percy doesn't focus this time on one-sided political commentary that seems to be straight out of a Tumblr blog but instead tries, and the key word is "tries", to present a more balanced view about how corruption can affect different parties the same way and how it needs someone truly honest to fix such problems. Wonder Woman's appearance here seems on-point as well as the very least.

THE PROBLEM is that execution-wise, this is still terribly-crafted comic. The biggest issue here is the pacing once again since so many things happen at such a fast rate with awkward transitions from page to page that it simply creates a pretty erratic read. Not to mention that the fact that Green Arrow trying to give social commentary in the middle of the fight is hard to be taken seriously. Oh, and the Ninth Circle is still a thing, when is this stupid organization going to die?

Jamal Campbell's artwork is hit and miss, some scenes like the ones featuring Wonder Woman look really good but others just look off.

Again, there are more problems than the direction at this point. It just doesn't work.

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