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Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #20

Ms. Marvel will have to fight for her city.

Kamala has been trapped in a world of politics where even her loved ones are in peril and there might not be a chance to escape.

Believe it or not, this actually got worse.

You see, I have grown tired of the Trump's parallels. It was cool to see parodies of him during the Elections but once that he became President, people started to go crazy with the parallels to the point that you see THE. DAMN. FRIKKING. STORY. EVERY. FRIKKING. TIME! Unfortunately, G. Willow Wilson doesn't offer anything different here since the Trump analogue in this story is so transparent that is just lazy and doesn't offer any more depth than what I've seen from the last 100 issues that I've read with similar themes. Again, I hate Trump and I'm cool with making fun of him but for God's sake, I need new stories already!

But still, that's not the worst part.

The worst part is what happens with Kamala's brother. He starts rambling about how people start profiling people like him for how they look and that is true, I hate when people judge others for the colour of their skin and accuse them of things they're innocent of. THE PROBLEM is that then he starts mentioning how people who are actually culprit are just confused and naive persons who are just guilty of living in a white society where their only choice is to rebel against it in the worst way possible.

And you know what? F*CK THAT!

I will always defend Muslim people if they're accused of crimes without any proof behind but if you're trying to justify terrorists who are actually guilty of murder and creating chaos then I simply can't agree with that. Is the same sh*t that some people say when a white guy who committed homicide was just "emotionally troubled" or something like that (which is what most "progressive" people tend to complaint about so I don't understand the double standard here). Good lord people, I know that we live in a time of extremism but realize where to draw the line.

Marco Failla's artwork is pretty good and pretty accurate to the tone of the book created by Adrian Alphona, nothing to complaint here.

This is probably one of the worst stories from this book, a real shame.

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