miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about The Unstoppable Wasp #7

The Wasps are finally about to connect.

Janet has just found out that Nadia is in problems and she's decided to help her despite that she might not be used to this kind of situation.

I was anticipating this meeting for a while and I'm glad it was enjoyable.

Jeremy Whitley basically delivers an epilogue to his last storyline where he finally makes Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp, an important part of this book. The character work continues to be solid since the writer deals with logical developments for Nadia after what happened to Ying during the last storyarc which also includes all the different events that happened during the course of the book.

The portrayal of Janet is also pretty fitting since while she serves the role of a mentor for Nadia, she's still far from perfect and all of it is nicely portrayed on the pages which contrast really well with the characterization that Nadia has received all this time. Still the story manages to pay respect to both characters.

Veronica Fish handles the artwork and she's a really nice fit for the book thanks to her unique style that creates really expressive characters, particularly during the most personal scenes.

Enjoyable read, excited for the next one.

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