miércoles, 19 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Archie #22

A life is about to end in Riverdale.

After the accident, Betty is in emergency and everyone around her is worried about her fate which could be really terrible.

Another series that I missed last month but I'm also glad that I came back for this issue.

Mark Waid continues his story by focusing on the ramifications of the car accident the cast suffered in the most powerful way possible. Everyone who shares a connection to Betty reflects into how much she matters to them and this is depicted in really emotional scenes where is perfectly demonstrated how much of a good person Betty is.

The scenes are quite varied since is represented from the perspectives of her parents, Veronica, teacher and of course, Archie. Veronica and Archie's segments are by far the most successful at creating a heartful response which perfectly escalates the story towards the worrying cliffhanger.

Pete Woods is in charge of the art and once again, he demonstrates a great skill at creating clear storytelling and expressive characters that are perfect for the tone of the book.

Quite enjoyable, definitely picking up the next one.

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