miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #26

The Hard Traveling Hero has returned.

Oliver is trying to figure out the Ninth Circle's plans after he left Star City but to do so, he will need the help of the Fastest Man Alive.

You know, this wasn't half-bad this time.

Ben Percy brings a new chapter where he focuses on the team-up between Green Arrow and The Flash and he does a decent job at it. Their voices sound fine enough and fortunately Percy doesn't go overly-political this time (which means less stupid and unreal stories) while the interactions between both characters is interesting enough.

That being said, Percy doesn't deliver a particularly great job at it since while the portrayals are appropriate enough, they're not especially great nor show anything surprising about either characters. Also, Percy tries to give Ollie a fun voice which I appreciate but again, is not really remarkable. The pacing continues to be erratic without offering a second to breath and I'm pretty sick of the Ninth Circle, they should be gone already.

Stephen Byrne handles the artwork and he's pretty solid with a semi-cartoony style that creates beautiful characters and scenarios.

Mediocre overall but at least not offensively bad.

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