miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Iron Fist #4

The Iron Fist will have to realize the truth.

Danny thought that he was summoned to this tournament simply to prove his skills but he will soon find out that there are much bigger concerns here than his own ego.

This is building up to become something interesting.

Ed Brisson offers a new chapter where he quickly reveals the true purpose of this tournament along with the people involved in it. The direction becomes more exciting and intriguing now that the stakes are higher and reveal how Danny's world could be changed for the worst if he loses which makes you instantly invested in the story.

Best of all are the fight scenes. Brisson creates an compelling fight between Danny and his adversaries and all of them are pretty creative based on their themes while the fighting styles are appropriate and even funny at times.

Mike Perkins' semi-realistic artstyle is quite fitting for the plot thanks to his attention to detail and ability to depict the battles appropriately.

Good stuff, need to read the next one fast.

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